Corporate | Brand | Commercial

“Marketing Promo for Coca-Cola and Regal Cinema” by Coca-Cola | Editor and Colorist

“Option Care” | Editor

“Bright Star Community Outreach” | Cinematographer and Editor

“Anthropomorphism” by University Of Chicago | Closed Captionist

“Eins Pliers (En Español)” by Klein Tools | Editor

“Moochie Kalala Detective’s Club” TV Series by WTTW/PBS | Director of Photography (2nd Unit)

“Sprite Films Marketing Promo” by Sprite | Editor

“Filtration Division” by The Cary Company | Cinematographer and Editor

“Star Theater” Web Commercial by The Adler Planetarium | Cinematographer and Editor

“Sprite Refreshing Films” Web Promo by Sprite | Editor and Graphics Artist

“Monthlys” App commercial by Monthys Inc. | Colorist

“Rebootizer” 30 second commercial spot by The Beach Sports Network | Cinematographer and Editor

“My Health Care Guru” Web Commercial  | Cinematographer and Editor

“Kyocera’s All Access” Documentary featuring Blink 182, Weezer by Kyocera  | Cinematographer and Assistant Editor

“Give Dreams” Feat. Maria Menounos by MARY KAY | Editor


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